Mind & Body: Free 7 Day Holistic Health Program


The LOJ Fitclub Seven Day Holistic Health Program is essentially a preview to what a healthy lifestyle consists of. It's a great introductory program for all regardless of fitness level. We provide a supportive environment consisting of health professionals and peers on the same journey.

Program Includes 7 Days of:

^ Holistic Education (Documentaries, Videos)

^ Effective Meditation (Becoming Clear of your destination)

^ Plant Based Nutrition (Understanding the importance of incorporating plants into your diet)

^ Functional Exercise (Movements that emulate your body's natural daily movement)

You Can Enter into this Program under The:

* Personal Training Department 

* Online Health Coaching Department

* Private Yoga Department

* Vegan Meal Department

* Massage Therapy Program

About LOJ Fitclub

We are a group of personal trainers, yoga practitioners, and holistic health professionals with an unrelenting drive to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Contact or visit LOJ Fitclub:

2517 Spring Rd SE #104, Smyrna, GA 30080

(470) 377-1237

** Results may Vary from Person to Person